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        作者:快速门配遥控器价格   发布时间: 2019/7/25 9:18:11



        The Method of Applying Remote Controller to the Storage Door of "Fast Gate" Workshop


        Remote control devices bring great convenience to our life. For parking lots, industrial plants and other places, the installation of fast doors plus remote control devices is a plus, which can make it more convenient for users to manage parking and workplaces.




        We all know that there are many ways to open the fast door. The remote control device is realized by an external controller. In the open area, the distance can be controlled from 30 to 50 meters.


        A diaphragm door can be equipped with multiple remote controllers, such as a geomagnetic induction door, the staff can open the door by remote control handle when they pass, or a fast door such as Bluetooth, license plate recognition and other control modes. When foreign vehicles come to visit, the guard can open the door by remote control and release it temporarily.


        Speaking of the most widely used fast curtain doors in daily life, it is something everyone knows, and the types of curtain doors are the most extensive, and most curtain doors in the process of use are mostly controlled by remote control.




        So do you know how the fast door remote control equipment is controlled? Come and get to know Longsheng Gate, Fast Gate.


        From the point of view of the adoption of the fast door remote controller, it can be divided into two propositions: superheterodyne and super regeneration.


        The super-regenerative demodulation circuit is also called the super-regenerative demodulation circuit. In fact, it is the regenerative demodulation circuit in the intermittent vibration state.


        The superheterodyne demodulation circuit is similar to the superheterodyne radio. It is to set up a vibration circuit to generate vibration signal. After mixing with the carrier frequency signal, the obtained intermediate frequency signal is amplified and detected by the intermediate frequency, and then demodulated the data signal. These two propositions are often adopted in the equipment of the remote control for rolling shutter doors.


        The carrier frequencies commonly used in remote control equipment are 344 mHz and 426 mHz. The carrier frequencies used by the remote controller are the open frequency band of national regulations. In this frequency band, the transmitting power is less than 29 mW and the covering scale is less than 299 M. As long as it does not exceed the scale of the unit, it can be used freely without the approval of the "Radio Economic Management Committee".


        The open-band rule is 426 mHz, while the western rule is 344 mHz. Manufacturers will adjust their production according to different rules of different countries. Therefore, the remote control of products exported to different countries uses different frequencies.


        How to match the remote controller of the rolling shutter door? The above is an introduction to the equipment proposal of the remote controller of the fast rolling shutter door.


        Storage doors are widely used in daily life, especially in some places where the roads are relatively wide, such as factory buildings, garages, shopping malls, hospitals, warehouses and so on. It is very suitable for these places to use remote control to open fast doors.



        The Method of Applying Remote Controller to the Storage Door of "Fast Gate" Workshop




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