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                作者:哈尔滨快速门定做   发布时间: 2019/6/26 10:36:44




                Description of Track and Door Cover Material for Hard Fast Gate of Harbin Express Gate




                Hard fast door is a kind of door which is loved and concerned by users in the field of industrial door. It is made of aluminium alloy. It has high sealing ability, strong wind resistance and fast running speed.


                In many residential areas, factories, shops occupy an irreplaceable position to help you wind, heat preservation, dust, clean management channels, create a clean, Wechat parking and working environment.


                Fast doors, also known as fast rolling doors, high-speed doors, high-speed rolling doors, are a kind of industrial doors which are controlled by PLC, frequency converter and encoder (PVC material) and positioned accurately.


                It is mostly used in places with high environmental requirements such as food, electronics, printing, etc. Its main function is to quickly isolate so as to ensure the dust-free air quality in the workshop.


                Fast door usually consists of door frame system, door curtain system, drive motor and control system.




                Description of Track and Door Cover Material for Hard Fast Gate of Harbin Express Gate


                Fast door runs faster than 2.6 meters per second. It is a barrier-free isolation door for rapid rise and fall. Its main functions are heat preservation, moisturization, dust prevention, insect prevention, sound insulation, etc. It keeps the workshop in a constant temperature, humidity and clean working environment.


                However, at present, the traditional rigid turbine fast door has poor fire protection performance and can not achieve thermal insulation effect.


                The door plate of a rigid turbine fast door comprises a plate and a shell, which are connected by two aluminium profiles through an insulating bridge, and the inner part of the plate shell is provided with glass filament insulating cotton.


                The advantages of fast door are: it can play a good fire protection function, good insulation effect, long service life, beautiful and generous.




                The rigid fast door guide rail consists of a curved rail and a vertical rail. It is composed of a connecting end of the outer end of the curved rail and a fixed connection of the vertical rail.


                The characteristics of the track are as follows: its curved track is a track which bends according to the determined curvature and is tightly bent and superposed on the same plane; its vertical track is a straight track, which is composed of an integral connecting part and a track part.


                The main body of the rigid fast door guide rail is a solid and light alloy structure. The industrial door with the guide rail can be lifted stably and at high speed. There is no interference and friction between the door panels, which can reduce noise, improve the impact resistance and prolong the service life.


                Rapid material flow needs to shorten the time of entry and exit, production and distribution process needs high efficiency, which requires industrial fast door must be a fast, safe and reliable door, and the performance of fast door track plays a key role in it.


                Because the characteristics of the fast door are that in a very short time, it accelerates from static state to 0.4-0.7m per second, then decelerates until the door stops at the final position.




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